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Haxoring teh Interweb
I have bypassed the Chinese govt's internet filter (it's not particularly hard) and now I can access LiveJournal, and best of all, BBC News in Chinese. (Parts of the BBC's English version are sometimes accessible from China... but I would rather try reading the Chinese version, so I need to bypass the filter.)

It's a bit slow, but it's fairly secure. I can access basically anything I want, and I don't have to worry about anyone eavesdropping on me, because the connection is encrypted.

The details:

ssh dk@sych.org -D

... and in System Prefs, Network, I have set up as a SOCKS proxy.

(sych.org is hosted on a virtual server I rent from hub.org, and it's in South America. This causes all my traffic to be relayed through that server via the SSH session.)

So I'll write something interesting and less techy next time... but yeah, here I am, back again :)

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Do you have to do all that yourself? I thought there were just sites you can use to bypass the firewall..

I've heard that there are, but this has two advantages over that sort of thing...

Firstly, all my IM and Email and basically 100% of my Internet traffic goes over the encrypted link, so it defeats any other monitoring that's occurring. I don't think those other sites do anything aside from web access , and I'm pretty sure they don't encrypt.

Secondly those sites are very obvious, if anyone or anything is monitoring your activities it is very, very easy to detect that you're bypassing the filter. What I'm doing is a little bit more subtle.

So I guess my reason for doing it this way is enhanced privacy and that it's less detectable.

If I'm ever in China at the same time as you, you will be helping me use the internet! :P

Ahhh, SSH Tunnels. Same way I've been bypassing my work firewall. Remarkably simple :-)

Do be a little careful... as far as I know, encrypting your internet traffic is illegal in China. Then again, with 1 billion people and a lot of them with a lot of technical knowledge, I'm sure policing it is next to impossible :-)

(Deleted comment)
Secret service? The 公安局 are here to protect me!

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