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I left Sydney on Saturday and spent Sat-Mon in Singapore (mostly with JV, but I also saw Vic and Steve) and Mon-now in Hong Kong with Gene.

When I was back in Sydney people were asking if I was nervous about going to Beijing. At the time I said no... but now that it's only a few hours away I'm starting to feel it a little bit. I'm also pretty excited. It's going to be damn cold, and I'm going to find out how good or bad my Mandarin really is. :)

I'll write more about Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing soon. I'm also going to update this journal a bit more often. Right now though, I have a flight to catch...

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I'm sure you'll have a blast over there.
Just remember its not the first time you've immersed yourself in an asian culture.

So you'll do fine!

Xoxo Winsor

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