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“如果。。。” (If...)
Our most recent task in writing class was to write ~600 chars in class time, given the topic: “如果。。。” (If...). I was glad to be given a writing task in class time for once, instead of having to do it for homework.

Anyhow. I only made it to about 450 characters in the end. It took me half an hour to think of something to write, then 90 minutes to actually write. To match my mood at the time, I settled on "What if I was back home now, and not in Beijing?", and how much nicer it would be to be laying on the beach with friends, instead of writing essays in cold, smoggy Beijing. Then I got to writing about what one learns about one's self, one's country and one's culture when one experiences and studies another. So I eventually managed to write something that sounded half positive.

I really must say I don't enjoy this writing class. I do like seeing the finished product, and I'm sure it's one of the more useful things I could be doing to advance my Chinese... but I think next semester I might choose a spoken Chinese elective instead.





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I've been 'going' to the beach myself in the backyard pretending to be with friends, sunbaking on a banana chair in nothing but Speedos and a pair of Oakleys. And with absent friends around, the Speedo tan line is slowly becoming a G-string tan line...

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